Freezing Text

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Freezing Text Effect

Freezing Text Effect

Final View

Freezing text Effect

Step 1

Create new file..Ctrl+N
Paint Background with Black.. (Shft+f5)---> color.


Step 2

Now select Horizontal type text tool and and add text "COOL" with suitable font.

add your text

- Right click on the text layer and rasterise the layer..
- merge both the layers by pressing Ctrl+E, or right click on the text layer and select "Merge Down".

Step 3

Now go to filter ---> Pixelate ---> Crystallize
set the cell size as it is (1.8).
press OK.

crystallize the text layer

Step 4

Now go to filter ---> Blur---> Gaussian Blur
Set radius to 2.0 and press OK.

Blur the layer

Step 4

Go to Image ---> Rotate Canvas -->  CW90 (clock wise).

wind effect from left

Now go to filter ---> Stylize ---> Wind.
elect Method "Wind" and direction "From the right".
Press OK.

wind effect repeat

Rotate the image to the original position  Image ---> Rotate Canvas ---> CCW90.
Press Ctrl+B (color balance) and increse the colors blue and cyan as suitable..

color balance in photoshop

Press OK..
You'll get cool text effect.

photoshop tutorial - cool text effet

Done... :-)