Glossy Metal Text Effect

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Steps to Create Glossy Metal Text Effect

Glossy Metal Text Effect

Final view

Glossy Metal Text Effect - photoshop utorial

Step 1:
Create New File.
Fill Background with lack color (Shft+f5 ---> color ---> Black ---> OK)

Fill Background

Step 2: 

Add Your Text.

Add Text

 Make duplicate layer of Text by hitting Ctrl+J.
Hide the original text layer.

Step 3:

Raster the upper duplicated layer by right click on the layer.
And go to Blending Options (Fx) below the layer box. 
make 3 changes.

1) Gradient Overlay
Select gradient Overlay and add Gray-White Linear Gradient.

Gradient verlay

2) Inner Glow:
Select Inner Glow , Set blend mode te Vivid Light and color to white.

inner glow

3) Bevel And Emboss
Select Bevel and Emboss , set depth to 100, size to 62px, soften to 30px.

Glossy Metal Text Effect

You will get the final Text Effect.

photoshop tutorial metal text effect