Create Simple Pattern

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Tutorial for creating Simple pattern in Photoshop..

Create Simple Pattern 

Final view

Create Simple Pattern

Step 1: 
Create new file (50px * 50px)  with white background.
Go to View ---> Rulers..

drag the cursor from rulers to the middle of the layer from both sides.. 
Create Simple Pattern step 1

Step 2:

Select the Left-upper-half square with Rectangular marquee tool and fill it with black color.
(Use shft+f5 ---> color ---> Select Black color ---> OK).
Now select the right-lower-half square with Rectangular marquee tool and fill it with black color.

Making Simple Pattern step 2

Step 3:
Now go to Edit ---> Define Pattern.

Making Simple Pattern step 3

Give Name for Pattern.
name the pattern

Hit OK. 

Your pattern will be created..

Step 4:
Now Make new file (Ctrl+N)(500 px * 500 px)
Go to Blending Options ---> Pattern Overlay and select your pattern and hit OK.

photoshop pattern

create pattern - photoshop tutorial