Create a Gothic Horror Photo

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How to make horror photo in photoshop

Ghost Photo Effect

Final view

create gothic horror photo

Step 1: 
Select Angry photo to edit.

create gothic horror photo step1

Step 2:

For giving Gothic effect, First Paint your background with Black color..
and copy the angry man's image  on it.
Select eraser tool and erase white area of the image..

horror photo - step 2

Press Ctrl+L (levels) and increase darkness of the image..

horror photo - Highlights

Hit OK.

Step 3:
Now go to Select ---> Color Range.

Select Highlight from combo and press OK.

When you press OK, The highlighted area get selected..
Copy and Paste this selected area.. Now your layers will looks like this..

horror photo - layers

Select the Upper layer (layer2), and go to Blending Options ---> Color Overlay.
Select Red color and Hit OK.

horror photo - color overlay

Step 4:
Now Hide layer1... you will get the horror photo.
Select any ghost font and add your text..

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  1. WoW! What an Idea but how can I create such a vector of any image???

    Your technique is really cool. Thanks a lot mate. :)
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  3. waw...very nice!!! cratv idea...simple but interisting !!! i have a blog photoshop like your blog...

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