Making Simple Abstract Background

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Making Simple Abstract Background in Photoshop

Creating Simple Abstract Background For Your PC 


We all know that all the operating systems like XP, W7,vista, Ubantu, Mac are comes with default desktop backgrounds. Among these backgrounds 2 or 3 are abstract type, very colorful, having nice lightning effect..

Its very easy and simple to make our own background image for our PC. Let's see how to make Abstract background in Photoshop. 


Final view

Making Abstract Background in Photoshop

Step 1: 

Create new file and fill the background with Black color (Shft+f5 ---> color ---> select black color ---> OK)
fill background with black color

Step 2:

Now make a new layer (Ctrl + Shft + N) name the layer.
Select Brush tool from tool box with blue color and paint on newly created layer.

rough sketch with blue color

Go to filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur and make the full radius Blur. and hit OK.

Guassian Blur

Step 3:

Again Make a New layer (Ctrl + Shft + N).
and now select brush with pink color. and make some rough sketch on newly created layer.

rough sketch with pink color

Make a Blur same as above... Go to filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur and make the full radius Blur. and hit OK.

Step 4:
Similarly repeat process until hole background will be covered with different colors.

colorful background

Step 5:
Now Make a new layer and Select the Ellipticle Marquee Tool from tool box. and make large circle by selecting on layer.
select circle by ellipticle marquee tool

Now select the Gradient fill tool. And select only one color gradient (White color).

one color Gradient fill

After selecting white color gradient, hit OK.
and drag cursor little bit longer from the edge of the circle.

For making color lightning shades

Step 5:
Press Ctrl+T for transform this layer. adjust the layers height and width.
And Change the layers mode to Overlay
make two duplicate layers of this layer by pressing Ctrl+J. 
Select each individual layer and adjust it wherever you want..

photoshop tutorial - Making Abstract background


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  2. Very neat, simple way to create own wallpaper for desktop..very helping tutorial. Great work done.
    Hope to see more of such using open source software like GIMP. As linux user like me it would be much helpful.

  3. very tutorial ever!

  4. thanks for such detailed and resourceful tutorial.
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  5. you have done a great job!!
    so nicely presented tutorial.
    clipping path

  6. Really a very good idea to make abstract background. tnx a lot :)