How to Make Polygon Background In 3 Steps

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How to Make Polygon Background In 3 Steps
How to Make Polygon Background In 3 Steps

Usung polygonal backgrounds for websites and applications is a new trend. Making polygonal background is quit difficult task, but we can make it our own simple way. polygonal backgrounds looks good for web design an application designs..
Final View

making polygonal backgrounf in photoshop

Step 1
 -  Create a new file
 -  and add Gradient (Choose your color combination for gradient)

adding gradient

add gradient in photoshop

Step 2

- Now add Noise to image (filter -> Noise -> Add Noise)

adding noise
By setting amount to 20, Your image will look like this.

Step 3

- Again open filter and crystallize the image.

crystalize layer

 Set cell size to  60 and hot OK

How to make polygonal background


Make sure that while adding gradient choose color combination carefully. we can make many backgrounds as same.. 


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