Exploding Image or Splatter Image Effect

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Exploding Image or Splatter Image Effect in photoshop

Tutorial for Exploding Image

Final view

photoshop tutorial for image exploading

Step 1: 
Create New File.
Paint The background with white color.

Step 2:

Add your image/object on  at center .

Step 3:

Go to Layer---> Add Layer Mask ---> Hide All.

Step 3:
Select the Square brush. (24-28 px).

Now go to Window ---> Brushes.
You will see following window.

Select first check box of "shape dynamics", and increase site jitter to 100%.

Now select 2nd check box Scattering and increase Scattering to 750% to 760%.

Now come to image, and give strikes on the masked layer, which appears Black as shown below.

Exploading using brush

Step 4:
Now make a duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+J.

Step 5:

Now go to Filter ---> blur ---> radial blur.
set blur method to zoom and amount to 40/50.
And press OK.

photoshop tutorial

Step 6:

Now set the opacity of this layer to 50% to 60%.
Select the Eraser toll and erase some blurred area near object(face).

Image Exploding