Reflection / Shadow

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Create Reflection or shadow

Tutorial for Reflection

Final view

Step 1:
Create New File.
Paint Give the Gradient to background using gradient fill tool.

Step 2: 
Make a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Shft+N. name it 'Layer1' .
Take Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw a round .

Step 3:

Fill this round with dark color by 'color fill' (Shft+f5).

Step 4:
Take the Horizontal Type Text Tool ans add some text on round.

Now drop some shodow to text. go to blending options of layer ---> Drop Shadow. press OK.

Step 5:
Select Layer 1 and the text layer by pressing ctrl. and merge both layers by pressing Ctrl+E.

Step 5:

Now ake a duplicate layer of that layer by pressing Ctrl+J.
Press Ctrl+T for transforming the copied layer.
Press and hold the pointer on the top-middle edge of layer and drag it to below.
the layer becomes opposite like mirror image.

Step 6:

Fix this layer. and change the opacity of the layer to 17% - 20%.

Step 7:

Take the Eraser toll and select the brush as shown.

Reflection in photoshop

 Now erase the bottom area of the copied/reflected layer.




  1. very helpful post !! thumbs up !! Photoshop is amazing if only we know how to use it . Reflections are many a times required while making Logo . nice post !

    1. You are right MySay.. Reflection is imp in making Logos..