Sparkle Lightning Effect

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Sparkle Lightning Effect Tutorial using Hi-Hop Dancer.

Sparkle Lightning Effect 

Final view

Sparkle Lightning Effect

Step 1: 
Create new file background with Gradient tool (Gray shades).

Sparkle Lightning Effect step 1

Step 2:

Take the image which is to be used. make stature (Image ---> adjustment ---> Sature )

Sparkle Lightning Effect - Hue sature

Sparkle Lightning Effect - take object

Double click on layer and name the layer as "Object".

Step 3:

Now make a new layer below the object layer.
Here we use the splatter brushes.(download spatter brushes set).

Select the white/black color and make clicks on the layer .Now Go to Filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur and set radius to 2% - 3%.

Sparkle Lightning Effect - splatter brushes

Now Make new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N) .
and select black color and spatter brush, Make some clicks on Image.

Sparkle Lightning Effect - splatter

Step 4:
Again Make new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
and select whitecolor and spatter brush, Make some clicks on Image.

Lightning Effect - splatter blur

Now Go to Blending Options ---> Outer Glow  and make following changes.

Lightning Effect - outer glow

outer glow

Step 5:

Now Make a new layer again (Ctrl+Shft+N). select splater brush and white color and click on layer. and give outer glow from blending options (Red color).

add lightning with outer glow

We discus all these layers below the "object" layer.

Now make the new layer above the Object layer and repeat same procedure.


Step 6:

Make a new layer and select Pen tool. and make the path around the object, right click on path and select Stroke Path ---> Brush.
While selecting Brush option make sure that your brush color is set to white and radius to 3 to 4.
Click OK.
select eraser tool and remove the some area of pathso that it looks like rounded to the object.

lightning curves using pen tool

Make a duplicate layer of path(Ctrl+j) and hide duplicate layer.
Select original path layer and go to Blending Options ---> Gradient Overlay ---> Select rainbow ---> OK.
Now go to Filter ---> Blur ---> Gaussian blur  and make the radius to 4%.

fill gradient

Now visible the hidden path layer and go to Blending Options ---> Outer Glow.
Set mode to Color Dodge and increse the size ---> OK

outer glow to wave

Step 6:

Make new layer and drop some stars and Give the outer glow to them..

Sparkle Lightning Effect - photoshop tutorial



  1. It was easy to understand this tutorial, thank you