Making Login Form for Website

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Tutorial for making login Form, Sign In Form, HTML Form in Photoshop

Making Login Form 

Color Combination is the main thing in web-Design, Making Forms , web-pages.. Use proper and effective color combinations for web design for better looking..  Here we can see how to Design a Login page for your website..

Final view

Login Form for websites

Step 1: 
Create new file and fill the background with #3E3E3E color.

fill background

Step 2:

Make a new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N)
Select circular select tool and create circle on the Layer. 

draw round by elliptical marquee tool

Right click on circle ---> Select Inverse.
And fill the Selected area withe color #02A4E0(Shft+f5  ---> color).

Select eraser tool and erase the left side area.

Login form background

Step 3:

Now Go to Blending Options ---> Drop Shadow
Change the angle to 0 degree.


Now select Horizontal text tool and Type the Sign In text at left corner with weight Bold.. 

Form Title

Now with regular font weight type "User name" and "Password" Text.

Making Labels

Step 4:
Make New Layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
Select Shape tool ---> Select Rounded corner rectangle .
And drag mouse below User name and Password  field with white color. 

Add Text Boxes

Step 5:

Select Horizontal type text tool, Select larger font ant Type GO/Sign In/ Login.
Drop shadow to this button/text with increase in size.

drop shadow to button

drop shadow

Select Shape tool and Select arrow from shapes, drag mouse on right corner.

add shapes

Drop shadow to arrow from Blending options ---> Drop Shadow.

Now select text tool and type forgot password below input Password field.

Login window