Making Artistic Black-White Photo

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Making Artistic Photo OR Giving artistic photo effect..
Making Artistic Photo 

Final view

Artistic photo effect

Step 1: 
Take/Choose photo to giving artistic effect.


Step 2:

Make a Duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+J.
Select upper layer and go to Image ---> Adjustments ---> Gradient Map.

add black-white gradient

Make a photo black-white

Step 3:
Now select Only Lips By "Plygon Lesso Tool" and Press "Ctrl+B(color balance)".
Increase the red color.

color balance

Step 4:
Now Make a new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
Select Gradient fill tool from tool box. and select only one color pattern (Black + Transparent).

Artistic Photo step 4

Artistic Photo step 5

Artistic photo effect - photoshop tutorial