Simple But Immpresive Magazine Cover

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Simple magazine cover design tutorial...

Making Simple Magazine Cover 

Final view

magazine cover design

Step 1: 
Choose photo for background.

magzine cover design -choose image

Step 2:

Select the Blur tool from tool box and blur some area.

blur the background

Step 3:
Now select Horizontal Type Text Tool and add magazine cover title and subtitle.

Add a title and subtitle

Step 4:
Now Make a new layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
Select Elliptical Marquee tool and drag cursor on layer.

draw a round with marquee tool

Press Shft+f5 (color fill). and fill color.

ficolor fill

filling round

Make the layer opacity to 50% to 60%.
Again make a new layer ---> select Elliptical marquee tool ---> draw a circle --> fill it with different color(Shft+f5) ---> and make opacity to 50%.

fill another circle

Step 5:
Make a new layer above the background layer(Ctrl+Shft+N).
Select Gradient Fill tool and select the two colors which you are selected for the two circles. 

gradient fill

Drag the pointer on layer and make the opacity of the layer to 30%.

Magzine cover after filling gradient


Now select Brush tool and drop some stars on new layer.

simple magazine cover



  1. this is most simplest yet worthy design i have ever seen !!
    thanks for sharing!!
    clipping path

  2. you are amazing!!
    how easily you created a cover!
    clipping path