Saturday, 23 March 2013

Filling Colors In The Black-White Photo

Filling color in the black-white image...

Filling Colors In The Black-White Photo

All the photos and images you captured are in different colors.. But if you have a black-white OR Old Photo, then you can fill the different colors in that photo and make that photo impressive..

Final view

photoshop tutorial - fill colors in Image

Step 1: 
Take a black-white photo to fill color.

original image- black-white

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+B (Color Balance).
and set the following setting for each option "shadows", "midtones" and "highlights".

Color Balance-Midtones

Color Balance-Shadows

color adjustment -hightlights

Hit OK.

coloring black-white photo

You can give any color shade to the black white photo.. 
Examples :-

photoshop tutorial for fill colors in photo

coloring photo


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