Create a Classic Vintage Photo

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Create a Classic Vintage Photo or Old Photo...

Create a Classic Vintage Photo

Final view

classic vintage photo

Step 1: 
Take a image/photo to edit.

creating vintage photo step 1

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+M (Curves), increase brightness of the photo.

creating vintage photo step 2

Hit OK.

Step 3:

Make a duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+J.
Go to Imahe ---> Adjustments ---> Gradient Map.
Select two color combination (Yellow and Blue).

vintage photo step 3

Hit OK.
Set the Opacity of this layer to 30.
Press Ctrl+M (Curves) and add brightness..

vintage photo step 4

Step 4:

Now go to Blending Options ---> Inner Shadow.
Set Opacity = 50% , Distance = 0px , Choke = 10% , Size = 250px.

vintage photo step 6

Hit OK.

vintage photo | Old Photo



  1. Wow awesome and interesting tutorial. I like the way of your post as you give complete tutorial which make a best sense of understanding.

  2. vallabh take thanks on behalf of novice Photoshop users..
    you made it so easy...