Easy Retro Style Fashion Touch

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Giving a easy retro style fashion touch to Photo...

Easy Retro Style Fashion Touch 

Final view

retro style photo effect

Step 1: 
Take a image/photo to edit.

photo retouch

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+M (Curves), increase brightness of the photo.
Set Input = 113 and Output to 150.

vintage style photo effect

Hit OK.

Step 3:

Make a New Layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
Fill it with white color (Shft+f5 ---> Color ---->  Select white color ---> OK).
And set the Mode Of this Layer To "Soft Light"

create retro style photo in photoshop

Step 4:

Again make a New Layer (Ctrl+Shft+N).
Fill it with Blue color (Shft+f5 ---> Color ---->  Select Blue color ---> OK).
And set the Mode Of this Layer To "Lighten" and Opacity to "45%".

retro fashion touch

Your Layers will be like this.

Vintage fashion touch - layers

Instate of Blue You can Use any color..
Some sample --

vintage fashion touch

retro fashion touch



  1. wow what a beautiful editing thanks for share this tutorial with us its really helpful for us

  2. Nice this tutorial is really helpful for photoshop students i know that because recently i was complete my photoshop classes