Matrix Style Text Effect

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How to give matrix style text effect in photoshop

Matrix Style Text Effect

Final View

Matrix style text effect

Step 1

Create a new file in photoshop (ctrl+n). 
fill the background with colour black (shft+f5 ---> color ---> Select Black color).

Matrix style text effect - background

Step 2
Select horizontal type text tool from tool window.
set the color of text to white.
and type the text you want. (MATRIX).
Note - Remember that the text must be correct, spell well. because we are going to rasterize or flattern it, it will no longer edditable.

Matrix style text effect - background - add text

Step 3
when you finish with text,go to Image--->Mode--->Grayscale
you will get alert box to ask for flattern layers.. press flattern button.

flattern layers

Step 4
then go to  Filter--->stylized--->Wind
you will get this window.

matrix text - wind effect

set method to wind and direction from left..
then again go to Filter--->stylized--->Wind and set method to wind and direction from right..
Note - you can give this both effect twice to the text for better wind effect.

wind effect

Step 5
Now rotate the image.. Image--->Rotate canvas--->cw90
Go to Filter--->stylized--->Wind and give the wind effect fom both the directions..

both side wind effect

Step 6
Rotate your image to original view (Image--->Rotate canvas--->ccw90)
and change image mode to RGB (Image--->Mode--->RGB).

matrix effect

Step 7
Now go to Image--->Adjustments--->color Balance  (ctrl+b)
and increase the color which you want (Green).. you can increase it again when you click OK.
And you will get final Matrix text....

photoshop tutorial for matrix style text

Done.. !!


  1. Looks good, and the steps are very straightforward ones. Not much of layering and other stuff involved.

  2. Awesome...Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am trying Vallabh !! not happening !! is this possible with photoshop elements 10 ??

    1. Yes Off course it is possible.. the important thing is, you have to change color mode and flatten the 'text' layer.. you will get 'Wind' effect easily from filters --> Stylize ---> Wind..

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  5. wow I love it,, I suck at photoshop. Have a hard time understanding it


  6. this is very detailed tutorial..and simple to follow...
    thanks for sharing your knowledge with us vallabh...

  7. wow thats something awesome , can u let us download .PSD format

  8. Is there a way to do this with a transparent background? When I try to this method in transparent the color balance doesn't shift green leaving the words and wind effect white. Works perfectly with a black background though thank you!